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Sea Going Green is made up of a team of talented professionals devoted to Sustainable tourism.


Aleksandra Dragozet

Founder & CEO


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This Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur founded Sea Going Green in late 2017 in efforts to merge her two passions together - travel and marine biology.

Ally's international background sparked an early passion for travelling and ocean conservation. She was born in Serbia, raised in Canada, and spent her childhood summers on the coasts of Croatia.

Having spent her life abroad researching and studying some of the most pressing marine tourism related issues, Ally has developed a deep understanding of the social, environmental, and economic benefits of sustainable tourism development. Ally is an expert in sustainable strategic planning, workforce-enabled sustainability training, and marine tourism education. She recognizes potential obstacles related to switching to more sustainable practices and consistently offers tangible, tailored action plans to make green transitioning a “no-brainer.”

Ally has written and contributed to numerous articles and publications on sustainable tourism, marine tourism, island development, ocean acidification, and genetic diversity between captive and non-captive marine animals.

Ally holds a Master of Aquatic Biology/Liminology from the University of Amsterdam. She also holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental Biology from the University of Toronto and the National University of Singapore.


Melissa Novotny

Operations & Partnership Manager


Bonnie Lewtas

Sustainable Tourism Consultant

Kayla Tumblin

Social Media


Nadine Galle

Robert Meijer


Indy Schumacher

Sustainable Tourism Consultant


Rogier Schutte

Business Developer

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