Interview with CO2 Offsetting Partner: SeaGrass Grow

Sea Going Green is proud to announce that we have officially partnered with CO2 offsetting project, SeaGrass Grow!

SeaGrass Grow (a project of The Ocean Foundation) conducts coastal habitat restoration projects around the world by rehabilitating and conserving seagrass meadows, mangrove forests, and salt marshes to capture and sequester CO2, prevent storm surge, enhance the quality of marine habitats for local species, improve water quality and more!

Learn more about their mission, projects and impact in our blog interview with Ben Scheelk, Program Officer at The Ocean Foundation.

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3 Upcoming Trends for Sustainable Food Experiences

While sustainable food production and sourcing is not a new concept, this trend in the hospitality industry has cultivated a newfound interest in foodies and managers alike. Sustainable food production and consumption not only benefits hotels to reduce their environmental impact, but also supports local communities and builds consumer loyalty.

In this blog, we’ll look at the three hottest trends in sustainable food experiences from the local sourcing of products to urban farming to zero-waste creations. Together, these three trends are setting the scene for the future of innovative sustainable dining experiences. Read on to see how!

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The Rise of Domestic Tourism

In an attempt to revive the industry as coronavirus continues to pose a threat, the focus of marketing campaigns and target market strategies have been shifted primarily towards the phenomenon of domestic tourism.

In this blog, I will take a look at a few of the ways travelers have been enjoying vacations closer to 币圈交易所home and how destinations have successfully marketed to these domestic travelers.

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Bamboo Products: 7 Sustainable Alternatives You Should Try

With consumers becoming more aware than ever of the impact their shopping choices have on the planet, now is a great time to look at 7 examples of how bamboo is becoming a viable eco-alternative. In this blog, we’ll cover 7 sustainable bamboo alternatives to common household items from toothbrushes to re-usable cutlery to toilet paper.

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Bead the Change: Supporting Local Entrepreneurs and Sustainability Projects

Bead the Change is an initiative that supports local female entrepreneurs in Ghana while promoting projects that are working towards increased social and environmental sustainability. Each color of their bracelets is associated with a specific cause that you can choose to support. With each sale of a traditionally-made glass beaded bracelet, a portion of the proceeds is donated to these projects, which is a win-win for the local economy, livelihoods and our planet!

Keep reading to find out more about Bead the Change’s mission, how they make their bracelets and how they are pushing the sustainability agenda forward with each bead made!

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Sustainable Tourism in Lockdown: Virtual Reality

Imagine ending another day working from 币圈交易所home in COVID-19 lockdown with a quick trip to Tokyo, Paris or Venice? Or a visit to a Borneo nature reserve? Or a dive into the world’s most beautiful coral reefs? Now in virtual reality (VR) it is possible to teleport yourself to a different landscape and culture within seconds without the jet lag, CO2 footprint or stresses of a long-haul flight.

In this blog, I will give a first-hand account of the kind of sustainable travel experiences that you can find in virtual reality as well as VR’s potential to innovate the tourism industry post-COVID. Let’s jet-set!

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Why CO2 Neutrality Should be Your Next Business Milestone

Understanding why CO2 neutrality should be your new business milestone will put you in the right direction of lessening your environmental footprint.

CO2 neutrality is a great goal to achieve as a business to play your part in giving back to the environment as well as strengthening your company and its potential as a brand. Want to know how? Read my top tips.

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A leader in the Re-green Revolution: Introducing Justdiggit

Sea Going Green is excited to announce our partnership with Justdiggit!

Justdiggit is an initiative that focuses on turning degraded lands that have become dry and barren into lush green areas throughout Kenya and Tanzania. This not only positively impacts the farmers that are able to work on the land, but also the surrounding biodiversity, local people and of course, our climate.

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5 Easy Ways to Encourage Beach Goers to Recycle

Recycling and communicating proper disposal are the main strategies that are used to prevent waste from ending up in our nature, waterways and our oceans. Truthfully, these strategies still require improvements to be fully effective, which is why it is so important, whether you are on land or at sea, to encourage beachgoers and guests to recycle.

In this blog you’ll find useful strategies that you can incorporate into your operations.

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