Since our founding,

spreading awareness via community driven cleanups has been a priority. We believe that by engaging communities, we can all make a bigger impact.

We have hosted and participated in cleanups around the world including the Netherlands, the United States, Croatia, and Saint Martin where we’ve collected over 1400 kg waste and 106,000 cigarette butts.

Saint Martin Beach cleanup

saint martin

Our first cleanup was with the #BuildBackBetter hackathon, where we cleaned up devastated beaches following Hurricane Irma.



At our most recent cleanup this year we picked up over 56,000 cigarette butts as part of the Plastic Peuken Collectif in the hope of encouraging the Dutch government to ban harmful plastic cigarette butts. 

This is our second year in a row doing a cleanup as a part of this group. In 2019, we collected 50,000 cigarette butts.



We partnered with The Yacht Week for their Annual Ocean Cleanup. Together, we collected over 1000 kg of waste.

We found everything from plastic bottles to iPhones and wallets.

Plastic Bottle Cap found at California Beach Cleanup


At our Playa del Rey Beach Cleanup, we filled 16 buckets of trash in an hour.

Majority of the items found were cigarette butts, styrofoam, plastic food wrappers and straws.

Pier 60 Beach Cleanup in Clearwater, Florida


We have hosted two cleanups at Clearwater Beach.

Waste we found included: cigarette butts, vape pods, plastic cups and cutlery, and food containers.



In November 2020, we held our first all-virtual cleanup.

There were 15 separate cleanups across 7 countries.

Participants found bottled water, masks, fishing line, and more.