Empowering the tourism industry to promote ocean conservation

our values


We have a customized, holistic and long-term approach to sustainability, making sure it is accessible to all. We develop data-driven strategies to ensure long term sustainability, and have measurable impact.

We are intentional with who we work with, supporting the tourism industry, and managing our own carbon footprint.

We are passionate about educating and advocating for marine conservation.

We believe that a destination ultimately loses its profitability when it loses its beauty. We believe in sustainable tourism as the way forward for the industry for profit & planet, without having to sacrificing profitability or luxury.


What we do


what makes us different

Our unique experience and skillset allows us to provide more customized strategies for clients. We have combined experience in all different areas of the tourism industry, as well as an extensive understanding of the marine environment.


our story

From a young age, our founder (Ally) began traveling all over the world. As a child, she spent her summers in Croatia where she saw the negative impacts of tourism first-hand as the town continued to grow in popularity while water quality simultaneously deteriorated.

Ally went on study Marine Biology and gain hands-on experience in the marine environment. Having spent her life abroad researching and studying some of the most pressing marine tourism related issues, she developed a deep understanding of the social, environmental and economic benefits of sustainable tourism development.

Ally wanted to find a way to merge her two passions - the ocean and globetrotting. Thus, Sea Going Green was born.